Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

Lynda Wilson

Date Added

December 16th, 2016


National Rifle Association






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“Newly elected Washington State Senator, Lynda has fearlessly been standing in the gap for everyday Americans. Faith-based people, firearms owners, pro-life people. She cares about everyone in the state, and she's fighting for our livelihoods, our economic personal Freedom. A fearless lady!”

Lynda Wilson is the quintessential girl next door. No pretensions, just love of her fellow citizens, love of her country, and love of the Constitution.

I have personally witnessed her putting herself and her reputation on the line to defend Freedom, including vital First and 2nd Amendment Freedoms, long before she could possibly have had any motivation for her own personal gain. She did not know, and did not care if her stand might harm her efforts to get elected to the Legislature. She fearlessly charged forward for all of us.

She just loves the Constitution, the U.S.A. and We the People.

Lynda is a rising star in the Washington state Legislature, and it would not surprise me if Lynda one day becomes Governor of our state, or even President of the United States.

If you ever needed a friend you can trust no matter what, that's Lynda. And her family are stellar too. Good people, all the way around.

If there were ever a person who needs to be rewarded for her loving, steadfast efforts, it is Lynda Wilson.