Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

Margaret Q. Flowers

Date Added

July 19th, 2016


Genesis Joy House Homeless Shelter, Inc.






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“Margaret works with a spirit of excellence, advocating tirelessly for our homeless female veterans”

Certified in Business Administration, Margaret's extensive background in Human Resources gives her the advantage when it comes to meeting the most needs. She is passionate when it comes to helping others who are struggling, and have served on a variety of outreach projects in the community. Margaret truly goes into the highways and byways spreading the word of God (in the drug infested neighborhoods giving people hope and a way out of their situation).

Regardless of the path that Margaret has taken, the end goal is the same -- to help our homeless female veterans achieve successful reintegration into the community, employment, sustainable self-sufficiency and permanent independent affordable housing.

As a Certified Therapon Biblical Counselor, Margaret is an advocate of faith-based treatment models designed to help identify life controlling problems, and to help process the deep spiritual recovery issues of hurting people.

Margaret is currently working on renovating a property that's been donated to Genesis Joy House Homeless Shelter, Inc. which will be a transitional housing facility to house our homeless female veterans. This transitional facility will make history by being the first facility in Middle Georgia to house our homeless female veterans. This has been overwhelming and large tasks for Margaret, but she continues to trust in God and press on for she knows that this is what God has purposed for her here on earth.

Margaret is my mentor and I look up to her as well as respect her for her commitment. As she works tirelessly, having a full-time job, as well as run the 501c3 nonprofit organization, which is also a full-time job in and of itself. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in February of this year and, even after during healing, and in between, she was still advocating on behalf of our homeless female veterans. Truly a remarkable and selfless individual.