Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

Margo Schmidt

Date Added

November 16th, 2016


The Luke Project 52 Clinic






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“ More than authentic”

I would like to nominate Margo Schmidt. I am not the most eloquent of writers so I hope my lack of writing ability does not hinder Margo's chances. I have only known Margo a few years but she is a one woman dynamo! Margo embodies the true spirit of all six categories available to choose from. I don't know much of Margo's past except she raised her son as a single mother and by all accounts he has turned out to be a fine young man. Margo works as a church secretary full time and has a part time job working at a senior citizen apartment complex. In between her two jobs she finds the time to collect food and clothing for the homeless of Detroit and the street dogs of Detroit. Many of the local rescues are familiar with Margo and as far I know everyone has mad respect for her. She also volunteers at a girls foster care facility and teaches them how to cook. Every Sunday she takes all the food and clothes she collected during the week and goes to downtown Detroit to distribute them to the homeless. She also will make multiple trips to the city each week to feed some of her "stray" or junkyard dogs that are neglected. With every breath Margo takes an animal or person has been helped. With everything that she does she never takes credit for anything and remains humble and insists it is because of team work that she is able to do what she does. She is involved with several charitable organizations. Margo is one of the only people I know who truly walks the walk and talks the talk. While she engages in all of the " do-gooder activity" you may think she is a very serious person and in reality she has great quirky sense of humor. She is stead fast in her beliefs and does not waiver, believing above all else that kindness is what matters and that is what will change the world. I don't think she actually said that but she certainly sets that example every single day. In reality, Margo probably needs a vacation but if she ever did get a vacation she would probably just pass it on to someone less fortunate. Margo is truly an authentic person and an authentic person encompasses all of the categories listed above: character, courage, devotion, leadership, heroism, and survival. The pictures attached reference the good work she does. There is not a picture of Margo as Margo would prefer the focus be on the lives she helps and not on her. This is Margo, authentic as they come.