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Martha Gonzalez Keiser

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November 1st, 2015


Krizia L Keiser Memorial Foundation






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“Mother of a noble hero, organ donor”

When 18 year old Krizia Lauren Keiser got her driver's license she realized she was able to sign up to be an organ donor. She came home that day so happy and said as she walked in "mom, did you know I can donate my organs if I die!? I can donate everything!!" That night we sat at dinner table and talked about her decision to sign up. She let us know how happy it made her to know she would be able to help those in need of an organ if she was to pass. She told us she had signed up to donate all her organs including her tissue. Just a few months after, Krizia suffered a massive aneurysm. As we are told she had suffered brain damage and she was brain dead we were approached by a representative from the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance, she reminded us about Krizia's decision and we as devastated as we were with our tragic moment we honored her wish. Krizia gave life to 3 people who were blessed with the gift of life. She also improved the life of many by donating her tissue. We believe Krizia was in this life with a mission and that was to give life, we have started the Krizia L Keisef Menorial Foundation to help spread organ donation awareness in our community. We have held two memorial 5k runs and have given over $15,000 in scholarships to local students. Krizia has been a huge inspiration in our community and have had many change their minds about signing up to be organ donors. We would like to build a memorial garden in a local park and have wildflowers, beautiful trees and a bronze sculpture to honor her Noble heroism. Nothing will ever replace our precious daughter, but keeping her memory & spirit alive is our pride & priority.
Krizia Lauren Keiser
6/13/1994 ~ 6/06/2013
Noble hero
Organ donor