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As a Shamrock board member and longtime VP, Mary has worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the group in pursuit of its mission. Not only has she helped set goals for the organization, Mary has made sure Shamrock met those goals...providing the resources necessary to spay, neuter, and/or rescue over 20,000 animals. A pet lover herself, Mary has repeatedly fostered and adopted pets that needed a good home. She has also relentlessly encouraged others to do so, always leading by example. Most important has been Mary's willingness to share her financial acumen with the Shamrock board. Under her leadership, the Shamrock Foundation has become a viable nonprofit in the Louisville community. Through community engagement, public outreach, and prioritization of fundraising efforts, Mary has built an endowment that confirms the depth of her single-minded commitment to animal welfare. Art for the Animals grew to become Shamrock's primary annual fundraiser under Mary's leadership. She built relationships with contributing artists, appeared on radio and television to promote the event, and coordinated virtually every aspect of this festive showcase for local artists and animals in need. Meanwhile, she introduced the Board to investment strategies that have promoted further growth of these fundraising dollars.

Mary has gifted the Shamrock Foundation with her financial expertise almost since its inception. Shamrock's mission is "to end pet overpopulation, reduce the number of companion animals destroyed in local shelters, and to enhance the lives of animals in need in our community". Mary's personal mission has been to ensure the financial viability of the organization. She has donated hours of her time organizing fundraisers, soliciting donations, and most importantly, using her financial expertise to secure the solid financial footing so vital to small nonprofits.

Shamrock is one of the few animal welfare organizations that truly understands the bond between people and their pets. Shamrock provides financial assistance to those who need help spaying or neutering their pets, preventing unwanted litters. Shamrock also provides aid to individuals who find themselves unable to properly care for a very ill pet in need of emergency care or veterinary assistance. This includes senior citizens, veterans, or others with limited resources. Shamrock's foster parent program runs at full capacity, providing a safe place for rescued dogs and cats to recuperate both physically and emotionally. Most of these animals have been abandoned, or found malnourishes, injured, or heart worm positive. Shamrock offers them the opportunity to become part of a permanent, loving household. Without Mary's tireless leadership and guidance, these animals would be abandoned and at risk. Although the mission of the Shamrock Foundation revolves around the basic welfare of animals, the ultimate impact on people's lives has proven immense. My personal example is the cat I secured for my father soon after my mother's death. During that sadly difficult time, Mary and her team introduced me to a needy "lap kitty"...an abandoned cat who has brought companionship, comfort, and a "reason for being" to my dad in is new apartment.

Mary Casey is the consummate problem solver, assessing each situation and then putting people in touch with the appropriate Shamrock volunteer. She encourages the involvement of people who may have a skill that will benefit Shamrock. Whether in a social setting, work setting, or in her own neighborhood, Mary has proven an effective voice and leader for Shamrock. Mary also has a burning desire to make this charity a success. When she accepts a challenge or chairs a fundraiser, she gives 100% to producing a successful outcome. She has a great spirit and a great heart. She id deeply motivated by a desire to make our community a better place for animals and for pet owners in need. Her persistence and follow through are awe-inspiring. As one board member commented, "She does not give up!"

Shamrock's number one priority is spay/neuter assistance. Shamrock provides spay/neuter vouchers to low income individuals or families for their pets, and to other organizations or persons who rescue stray animals. Shamrock also receives numerous calls daily requesting medical help for abandoned, injured, or sick animals, or suggesting rescue from neglectful situations. Some of these animals need basic care, but many need expensive emergency attention. Any money received would be used to help these animals. Shamrock is an all volunteer organization. Every penny counts and volunteers strive to help as many animals, and their current and future owners, as possible.

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