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Matt Henry, a respected musician & educator, makes a lasting impression on everyone he comes in contact with. He is admired by his friends, family, students, and those in his field for his genuineness, caring, & compassion.

Recently, Henry founded SpecDrum, a groundbreaking solution to the turmoil and separation impacting society. Through long term world music and culture study, honest and true life education, and goal oriented commitment, Henry has dedicated his life to reaching young people from all demographics, classes, and backgrounds. He provides them with culture rich opportunities that enhance their education and character development. Teaching students life skills & invaluable lessons in teamwork, leadership, & communication, Henry immerses them in a positive, driven atmosphere with others whom they wouldn’t normally be connected to or see as a peer. In his SpecDrum program, he helps students learn to express their creativity comfortably at a young age, so they are more open to accepting the creative expression of others.

Matt Henry is offering students a continual study of world culture through music, year round, not just once a year, at a presentation in the school gymnasium. Through drumming, he is bringing together a community & offering students a life-changing experience, COMPLETELY FOR FREE.

Matt Henry is truly deserving of this honor. By leading a "Rare Life", he is making a lasting improvement on society.

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