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Mika is a true hero.

In 1995, while living in a small community in Illinois, every parent's greatest fear became her reality. Her 10 year old son, Christopher was abducted and brutally murdered by a recently released offender. Once the all consuming pain and grief began to subside, Mika jumped into action. She was determined to find a way to prevent these types of tragedies from continuing.

Mika began working with legislators on both the state and federal level to get laws passed to keep violent predators behind bars and to create laws to better protect our nation's children. In the process of researching legislation, she became aware of the prevalence of child abduction and sexual abuse. She was shocked at the great numbers of children that go missing in the United States and the pandemic of child sexual abuse that plagues our communities. She became aware that although laws can be created to put offenders behind bars, the greatest need was to educate children and families to prevent crimes from occurring against them. She began researching safety education programs, teaching safety programs and eventually created an organization dedicated to her son Christopher.

Christopher always dreamed of having his own clubhouse. He said it would be his safe place to count the rocks he had gathered, daydream and sort his fishing lures. He could often be found collecting and taping cardboard boxes together to make his clubhouse. Although Christopher's dream would not be realized, Mika was determined to make that safe place a reality for other children. That is why she created Christopher's Clubhouse, a special place for children and families to learn how to be safe in all aspects of their lives.

Mika spends countless hours teaching various safety classes, educating community members and reaching out to hundreds of children to make a difference. She says that she cannot change the past, but wants to make a difference for the future. And that she is.

When I met Mika, I heard her say that her children were her #1 priority. What I came to understand years later: is that ALL children are her priority. Since the death of her son, she has devoted her life and her time to each and every child she can touch. And for this, I respecfully nominate Ms. Mika Moulton for this Rare award.

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