Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

MSG Wade Scott

Date Added

July 20th, 2015


Defending The Blue Line






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MSG Wade Scott, father of two boys, knows all about sacrifice. He endured three combat tours, including a 2010 deployment to Afghanistan. He was caught in a really bad firefight on the Pakistani border and received multiple gunshot wounds. He required several surgeries and faced a long road to recovery. Wade avoids talk of selfless service. Instead, he prefers to speak about his three true loves, his family, the military and hockey. It was during his recovery time that he and his family began to receive the support they needed from Defending The Blue Line. For Defending The Blue Line to be able to help with the hockey costs and equipment for their kids made it a little easier for MSG Scott to recover because he wasn't dealing with the stress of those issues. Hockey binds his family together and enables MSG Wade Scott to lead a truly rare life.