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Paula Lofstrom

Date Added

August 31st, 2016


international Health Partners






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“She and her husband are changing the lives of so many who would otherwise have no options.”

Paula Lofstrom along with her husband Denny are two extraordinary individuals who have devoted their lives to helping others. They both had careers in the health care field and traveled the world spreading their love for others. They even served some time in Antarctica. Currently they split their time between touring the US raising money and on the ground in Tanzania building a Children's Hospital from the ground up. Tanzania has been spared the civil unrest of the surrounding countries and is full of many good people but without opportunity. An unskilled laborer only makes around $30/month. The Lofstroms have had several projects in Tanzania but are currently building the first stand alone children's hospital in the country. They are aging but their spirit is certainly that of youth as they are able to do such great things despite failing health at times. I have personally helped with a previous project with them in Nyakato and it was an experience of a lifetime. There they were building a hospital/clinic. They have also helped establish the largest nursing school in Tanzania. They are two of the most kindest and influential hearts I have ever meet. To support their cause with $50,000 would go so far. Likely they could complete the birthing center with such a donation.