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Rebecca’s character shines through in her commitment to excellence and outcomes. She started at The Women’s Resource as the volunteer coordinator where she quickly became the Program Manager. Her vision lead the development of a new small group financial coaching program. Our clients now have a continuum of support to encourage behavior change and a peer support network. This program began as a seed of an idea that Rebecca took to the next level. She did everything for this program from developing a 12-hour volunteer coach training, to creating a comprehensive resource binder to guide clients through credit repair, budgeting, and behavior changes, and perhaps the most impressive, she built in data points to provide proven outputs and outcomes. As this program was coming to fruition she always made time to make volunteers feel heard, continued regular programming, and spearheaded a database transition. Rebecca never fails to take the ambitious path that leads to improved outcomes for the community. She is an asset to our team and a true example of outstanding character.

Rebecca’s mission ultimately is to help people achieve their goals in the most efficient and impactful way. She is continually improving processes to help make our organization’s outreach more effective. She dedicates herself to personal development by staying up to date on best practices for volunteer management, outcomes reporting, training, and personal finances for our clients’ benefit. She is a process and outcomes driven individual who uses that drive to make our community a better place. Last year we served over 6,500 clients in over 650 financial education classes and in our 4 cohorts of financial group coaching. Each volunteer delivering these services was trained and mentored by Rebecca. Financial education in Houston for low/no-income women and girls in Houston has been strengthened as a result of her efforts and character.

Rebecca’s impact begins with our volunteers. She developed a mentoring model of developing skills by observing, providing feedback, and coaching volunteers so they become the best finance class instructors and coaches they can be. Her mentorship creates a ripple effect that extends to our clients developing a true understanding of personal finance. The group financial coaching program she developed has had a direct impact in more than 50 women’s lives as they receive guidance and support to change financial behaviors. We know that the women who go through this program are sharing the lessons they have learned with their families, children and communities. Countless women will be influenced long after clients graduate our program. A quote from one of the women she coached says it all “I really would like to thank you for your help!! I feel motivated about budgeting and my finances since taking your class. Many thanks!”

I admire Rebecca’s headstrong commitment to excellence most because she not only has a big heart for our clients, but she is constantly improving or developing tools for outcome measurements to enable our programs to best serve clients and volunteers. To say that she has an eye for detail would be an understatement. That attention to meticulous detail is what makes her so good at data and process improvement. A big heart paired with headstrong excellence is a powerful resource for our organization and community.

$50,000 would be the largest donation The Women’s Resource of Greater Houston has ever received. With an operating budget of less than half a million dollars, a donation of that amount would have a huge impact for the organization. $50,000 would be able to seed a staff position for additional volunteer management to deepen the impact in our community. The manager would learn from Rebecca’s mentorship to develop volunteers. Rebecca could then focus solely program improvements and development. We are hoping to develop a third prong of our finance program that would be one-on-one financial coaching. With a staff member dedicated to volunteers this program extension would be possible. We are at capacity with funds and staff time. $50,000 would make a world of difference for our programs and the moral of our small team of 4 full-time staff.

Rebecca would be honored to win this reward. We have shared many a fine bourbon after a long day of serving our community and creating positive change.

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