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Rev. Carol

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July 26th, 2013


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“God forewarned Rev. Carol a week ahead of time about 9/11. She stopped the ministry and devoted herself in prayer for that time. Rev. Carol bowed down before the Great I Am, asking Him to save lives.”

God told me ahead of time about “An Enemy Attack on the Land.” That’s what God called 9/11. I have four witnesses to confirm that I was aware of 9/11 before it happened. Yes, I believe in a Christian being able to hear the voice of God. I believe prophecies are being fulfilled in the present day and time. That’s exactly what happened with Gods’ message for me regarding 9/11. I believe God let me know ahead of time so I could pray and save lives. I am definitely pro-life. I will fight to save anyone’s life. Life is a precious thing. God knew that and I think that’s one reason why He chose me to fight for American lives during “An Enemy Attack on the Land.”

After 9/11 God has me travel around the world and share my testimony about “An Enemy Attack on the Land.” While visiting various countries, there have been many people healed in Churches. I have stopped to pray for a miracle even when I’m walking around the city, doing an errand. IE. *George in Cyprus is one of these walk-by miracles. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nwvicebr6t8) This You Tube video will have George disclose he couldn’t move his arm minutes prior. *A lady in the Philippines, whose mother had a stroke and needed brain surgery. The mother was rejecting brain surgery that was going to maintain her eye sight and prolong her life several years. God changed her heart to a “yes” after my prayer and testimony. *I was preaching in a Nepal Church eight kilometers from the Tibet border. The pastor has a “secret” Church in Tibet. An old man with a hunched over back was in the congregation. God had me pray and minutes later the old man was standing straight up straight without any curvature. All of these miracles and others could not have been possible if God hadn’t told me to travel and share my testimony about 9/11. God is using me, not only in the U.S.; but around the world to save/heal/change lives. Isn’t that what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about? Be a light to the entire world. A Christian is to make an impact to as much of the world as possible. And, yes I’m still being used in the U.S. for ministry. Recently, God had me assist a friend in Alabama during her sessions for cancer treatment.

After 9/11 God had me start writing a book called “The Bomb That Shook The World.” The book discusses war from a Christian perspective and how prophecy can be used to save lives. The book ends with a prophecy being fulfilled regarding Bin Laden’s’ death and is available thru Amazon. God still uses me in prophecy regarding the War on Terror. One of the recent messages from God regarding the War on Terror was about the Benghazi attack. I was obedient to the Word of Knowledge from God and prayed to save lives. God said the Benghazi attack was to be like 9/11 but not on the American continent. I’m writing a sequel to “The Bomb That Shook The World” and will finish it upon the end of the War on Terror. And, yes God has given me a message on how the war is to end. All I can say is you’ll be surprised. I know the U.S. will win the war. That’s all I’m at liberty to say. Until then, I hear a prophecy and then pray to save lives. May God keep all those who read this article safe from the War on Terror.
NOTE: Picture 1)Lazarus Plaque, Marseille, FR Picture 2)Dover Castle, ENG