Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

Robert H. Whitney

Date Added

December 4th, 2015


Lexington Local Schools






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“Life-long school board president.”

Born in 1935 in Lexington, Ohio, Bob Whitney attended Lexington Local Schools and graduated in a class of about 30 members. He excelled in sports and academics, joined the Army, and after his service attended college, which culminated in a law degree. He has been an outstanding criminal trial lawyer since 1962.
In 1964, he assumed a replacement seat on the Lexington School Board, which he still serves today as President, and has done so for many years. His life-long devotion to the students of Lexington has been unsurpassed, and the community has grown to see graduating classes nearly three times the population of his. He has been involved in many facets of the school system, and attends an incredible number of events. His great leadership, great vision, and youthful (yes, that's right) presence in the schools, and in the local legal community, make him an outstanding candidate for this honor. It would be no surprise that he would choose the local school district that he has lived and loved for eighty years now, as the recipient of any possible award.