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Rudy Gomez

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October 25th, 2015







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“A survivor that has inspired many”

My fiance Rudy is 40 years old has 4 children of his own and he has 2 step children as well. He has been in the Army for 23 years and has been recently diagnosed with severe PTSD. Rudy has been to Iraq twice and to Afghanistan recently. Rudy serves as a crew chief on an air ambulance and rescued the wounded at war to include civilians and even the enemy at times. Anyone who knows Rudy can tell you he is an out going people person and would jump at the chance to help anyone out even if it was 3am. Rudy inspired people to send him soccer equipment to a group of boys he befriended in Afganistan. Since his return home he has recived phone calls from the boys in Afganistan thanking him for the gear that helped them win the boys soccer regional cup of Farah province.Rudy has also helped one of the boys get a visa to come to the U.S. because he was in danger for associating with U.S soldiers. When Rudy was working he unfortunatly saw some of the worst trauma his unit encountered during their tour in Afghanistan changing the man everyone knew,he battled anger issues and was very distant and depressed. Sometimes he was so depressed he would not get out of bed. He got to the point where he was hospitalized for almost 6 months at the VA. He returned home and has been slowly recovering, his strength to reach out for help inspired others with similar issues to ask for the help they needed, possibly saving lives. He has also shown many that there is hope and that PTSD does not define who he is and that their is hope to get better. In my heart Rudy is a survivor and a true hero.