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Many people in this world do not know what Multiple Sclerosis is, or the effects it can have on any human being. Everyday, Scott has the courage to not only get up and live the day to the fullest, but he shares his story with anyone he meets in order to raise awareness of this disease. His courage allows him to reach out and touch so many lives in many ways...not only by spreading awareness to those who aren't currently aware, but to those living with MS that are scared to tell their story to others.

Scott's personal mission can be summed up in one word...BourbonHam !!! Because of his fond love of the American Spirit that is produced in Kentucky and his appetite for BBQ; Scott envisioned a bourbon and bbq event to called BourbonHam. which now happens annually and takes place in Birmingham, AL. The event is to raise money and awareness of this treacherous disease...which is Scott's #1 Mission in life!

Scott has touched so many lives, not only through sharing his story about his battles with MS, but also in his everyday career. He is the show choir director for a very competitive high school located in Birmingham. He strives everyday to teach, educate and instruct young minds as they grow and learn through high school. He has been instrumental in cultivated young minds that he has taught and preparing them for their next chapters in life.

Strong Will!!! He never gives up and he's always ready to take on the next challenge! additionally, no matter what he is always there to lend a hand to anyone!

It would be an amazing gesture for BourbonHam and the National MS society to receive such a donation. The funds would touch so many lives in the local community that suffer with MS. Such donation would do much more than being used for research...they would be used for these people's everyday lives. Those that don't have assistance, the MS Chapter can utilize such donation to help these folks in their everyday living situations (i.e. maybe a walker or a wheelchair ramp, etc...)

He is a ROCKSTAR!!!

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