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Shawn Jayroe

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August 13th, 2016


RVR Horse Rescue






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“One woman's crusade to save abused and neglected horses.”

Shawn Jayroe’s passion for horses and desire to help the underdog were cemented during the rodeo days of her childhood in Texas.

Into her adulthood, even among roles as both full-time single parent and full-time hairdresser and business owner, Shawn made time to help horses in need. At her own expense, she began rescuing abused and neglected horses, nursing them back to health, then finding them adoptive homes.

Shawn’s passion for her life’s work is contagious. After she purchased the 40-acre ranch that has since become RVR Horse Rescue, volunteers have come to her aid. With their support, Shawn’s healing haven has saved the lives of hundreds of animals and changed the lives of countless humans.

Shawn’s army of volunteers perform heroic rescues throughout the state of Florida and rehabilitate equines on the brink of death. There is no paid staff and other than Shawn’s paycheck, which is funneled to the rescue, grants and donations make this work possible.

At the heart of this incredible organization is one woman with the weight of her legacy planted squarely on her shoulders. Around-the-clock nursing, political backlash, personal threats, and constant financial pressure can’t deter this devoted and determined superhero.

A recent rescue of eight horses in need taxed the organization to its limits, both financially and physically. Yet it is not in Shawn’s DNA to refuse to help. She rallied her team and the community into action, thus, resulting in yet another miraculous ending.

Her pockets are empty. Her soul is heavy and her heart is tattered and torn. And yet, there is not one day, even one moment, when she would refuse a helpless baby a new chance at life.

The following video showing a few 'before and after' photos gives a glimpse into the everyday miracles that take place at RVR Horse Rescue. This incredible organization exists because of one woman and her rock-solid team who give completely of themselves to continue Shawn’s amazing legacy.