Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

Stephen Cochran

Date Added

October 26th, 2016








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“Stephen is a Marine who has dedicated his life to help his fellow veteran brothers/sisters.”

Stephen served his country as a Marine in Iraq and Afghanistan. While on a convoy he was injured, leaving his back broken and his legs paralyzed. He underwent an experimental surgery at the Nashville VA. After extensive rehabilitation he was able to return to an active lifestyle. As part of his recover he refocused his energy on his country music.
He's performed at scores of benefits on behalf of his fellow veterans, and is currently working on setting up a non-profit: #Stop22Tour. It is an organization that travels the US with singer songwriters who have also served our country in combat. They raise awareness for veterans suicide from the minds and mouths of men and women who deal with it daily, and use their songwriting abilities to educate and heal.
Stephen was told at one point that he would never walk again. But that did not stop him from achieving his goals, and he continues to dedicate his life to helping veterans, as he knows too well what they are going through.
It was hard to decide which "category" to check above, but I believe Stephen's character has allowed him to survive and given him the courage to devote his leadership skills to be the hero to his brothers and sisters that they know they can lean on.