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Stuart is devoted to making the world around him a better place. He never says no. As a criminal defense attorney, often he will take on the cases of the people who every else doesn't believe in. He feels that everyone deserves the best representation and he will work hard to give them just that. In the community, he gets calls from different organizations well into the night, they need help with something and he never says no. The same is true with his friends and family. And he is completely devoted to his children, he gives of himself absolutely.

To make every aspect of the world around him better. Stuart epitomizes the philosophy of Tikkun Olam --to contribute to society and civilization both by example and through practice and action.

Aside from professionally where he keeps innocent people out of jail and enables them to re-start their lives, Stuart has personally helped many members and organizations within our community. He's the guy who gets the call whenever there is a problem. If a window was broken in a synagogue because some was trying to break in, he is there nailing up the window, talking to the police and trying to improve the security systems. If there is a need he's developing and implementing a program to fill it. I can't even list everything because he is so private about what he does so as not to compromise the other persons privacy.

I admire his ability to help others selflessly without any judgement. His philosophy must be there but for the grace of G-d go I. Because otherwise there is no way to help who ever asks without regard to yourself.

One of the projects Stuart took on was helping to build the community. After Hurricane Sandy, many young families moved out and in order to survive, we need new ones to move in. But, Long Beach is expensive and for people to see how great it is here and why they should raise their families here, they need financial assistance in the beginning. Once they see the benefits, they will figure out how to make do. But, we want to create an incentive, either to rent here or buy here. The donation would be used to fund the incentive for hopefully 5 or more families.

He's truly a great man and a wonderful role model for his children.

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