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Susan griesinger

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October 26th, 2016


Trumbull county take flight






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“Trumbull county take flight provides free lunches, G.E.D classes, job placement services, housing development, and life structure.”

I became aware of Trumbull county take flight 10 months ago. I was a struggling mothing of two with no diploma and no hopes of the future. I called trumbull county take flight and enrolled in their GED program, i finished and had my diploma in 6 weeks. Since then i have become employed at a great paying job i enjoy and my future now looks so bright. Devoting any and all of my free time to take flight i have noticed the daily struggle to make everyone in the communities lives better. From free lunches to GED classes i have watches susan griesinger give the very shirt off of her back to make sure she can do anything her her power to help everyone! We are all like a large family from the lunch crowd to the cheerleaders and boxers who use our facilities to practice. Running on little to no financial support i believe trumbull county take flight is making our community a better and more loving and open armed place.