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Tim Shaw is a former college football standout and professional football player for the Tennessee Titans. Tim's acceptance and advocating for the research and care of ALS patients has been inspiring and watching him spend his precious time in such selfless acts of service shows incredible courage. Tim is in the fight of his life; and through God's grace and inner courage has inspired many to life their lives to the fullest. There is no other word to describe Tim other than Courageous.

At the risk of speaking for Tim, it is no secret that he trusts God with his diagnosis and wants to spread awareness of the disease and the desperate need for research to fight it.

Tim has shown courage and faith with an incredibly grim medical diagnosis. In a short time Tim has gone from a workout warrior to a man fighting a devastating disease. Tim's body may be weakening but his heart and resolve to live while still "here" remains strong.

Tim Shaw is a strong leader and has taken his diagnosis as an opportunity to do God's work through inspiring others. To stare your fate in the eyes and use your time left to serve others is inspiring. He has not let this disease keep him from travelling overseas, to see many things others only look at in books, skydive, scuba dive, etc.

The funds could be used to continue to find a cure and/or treatment for a disease that many don't even know about. The funds could additionally be used to purchase appliances to help comfort a patient diagnosed with ALS.

If Tim Shaw's life and fight isn't the definition of courage; I'm not sure that I know what is.

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