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Character is the one word that envelops the many characteristics that this man embodies. He is a Military vet that served multiple times in Vietnam, raised a family, worked and attained his Masters Degree and now takes care of his loving wife that has succumbed to dreaded Alzheimer's

His sole mission right now is to care for his loving but ailing wife, and make sure she is as comfortable and "normal" as she can be. He has sacrificed everything he loves to do to care for her

He is truly an inspiration to my family in watching him sacrifice his time and energy to make sure she is living as best she can. He tries to maintain some sort of "normalcy" for her

I have long admired the dedication he has to his family. He is a retired USAF Msgt, then retired from civil service and I think he may have missed 2 days of work in that time. He also worked and received his Masters Degree while working full time and going to school on Friday nights and Saturdays for 2 years.

Since he is currently using Hospice for my mom, I truly believe it would mean the world to him. He sees on a daily basis what this magnificent organization does for its patients

Since we grew up military, and he is a "mans" man, I have never had the opportunity to tell him exactly how I feel. We just never had these conversations and I am ok with it, but I want him to know how much of an impact he has had on me

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