Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

Toni ONeil

Date Added

October 30th, 2016


Possumwood Acres Wildlife Sanctuary






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“Toni is an amazingly selfless wildlife rehabilitator and conservationist.”

Toni has always been passionate about animals. She started rehabilitating wildlife over 20 years ago. She volunteered at Carolina Raptor Center in Charlotte NC for over 12 years. Then she moved to Hubert NC and there was no one helping the injured and orphaned wildlife. Toni then started Possumwood Acres Wildlife Sanctuary a 501c3 non-profit, and has been saving injured and orphaned wildlife of Coastal NC for over 13 years now. She teaches Biology and Zoology courses at the local colleges and the Wildlife Rehabilitation course in order to get your state permit to rehab. Her salary is what funds Possumwood as there is no government funding available. Possumwood Acres has grown into an amazing sanctuary. Most importantly it provides a home to the many non-releasable animals. It has become an education facility to science majors needing internships, from all over the US as well as for our local schools. Lastly, Possumwood Acres is a sanctuary to those people who volunteer. Toni is an inspiration and role model and I truly hope you consider meeting her.