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TC has lived a life full of ups and downs. She is always looking out for those who can’t speak for themselves and need a voice. She uses her voice to relay what needs to be heard to help those voiceless warriors. Even when those voices don’t speak up for her in the heat of the battle. We all know that it takes courage to do the right thing and stand your ground; even when things may be a tough situation to get through, no matter how right you are. Those speaking up moments aren’t always the easiest or the most convenient situations for anyone to face. However, she continues to press forward, against all odds and all obstacles. In order to establish a voice for the voiceless, she founded the nonprofit organization, Xokiahi Cares, Inc. (XCI) The mission of XCI is to seek out the needs of the community and create viable solutions. Through her nonprofit organization, she helps those who are having a hard time, in need of food, personal care items, clothes, and shoes. Through her qualifications as a victim advocate of sexual assault, she gives courage to the voiceless.

TC’s personal mission is to give those in the community a voice and a chance to see that working together could improve the whole community and give everyone equal footing. If only people would listen to each other and help where they could instead of thinking about themselves. She wants people to understand that if one person in the community is able, they should all benefit by working together. Someone always has something to offer and she wants every community see that. She wants to be a part of creating that for those who are seen as less fortunate, who seem to always be on the bottom of the community foot. She wants to change that. She wants to remove the labels of “less fortunate” and replace it with the label of “true community”. Her mission to assist communities in caring more with no strings attached. That’s courage.

Since 2012, TC’s organization has successfully implemented 5 projects which have serviced over 5,000 people. Angels’ Giving Soles and Carers’ Closet provides gently used clothes, shoes, and household items. In addition, TC sacrifices her personal finances to purchase, package, and distribute an average of 900 Angels’ Heart Bags of personal hygiene items per year. Carers’ Kitchen is another great initiative that consistently hosts open weekly feedings every Friday evening. She has impacted the lives of over 500 families by providing funding for medication, graduation packages, school supplies, immunizations, and bare necessities such as water. The fifth project, For the Love of My Sister, provides support, guidance and resources for women. In 2018, TC plans to launch two more initiatives; Teal and Purple Roses, supporting victims of sexual assault and a 24-Hour Childcare center to address the lack of available evening and weekend childcare issues that seriously affects the military community.

I admire TC’s determination to see her dream through. TC has the biggest heart and she truly believes that she can change the world one community at a time. Her belief is so strong that she even takes money from her own pocket to assist with her mission in the local community. She wants to bring attention to the joint community effort by starting with herself as the first heart of change. She wants everyone to be seen; single parents, military families, low income families, homeless families, and the children they produce. She is working to open the community lens.

$50,000 would mean a great deal to Xokiahi Cares, Inc. and to TC. It would not only bring attention to her cause but also give her a larger voice and provide greater reach for her mission. This award would show that she is not the only one who cares about the unifying of the community. The $50,000 would allow her to reach a grave community need by giving them the financial boost to fund the opening of Guam’s first 24hour childcare center. This 24hour childcare center will assist the overwhelming need to have access to available, reliable, and dependable child care. In addition, this money will assist with providing more food, personal care items, and household items for the organization. A small portion of the money will provide some funds to enable TC to hire a part-time administrative assistant to help with the filing on a monthly basis.

TC is a courageous woman, she has faced many battles with victims of sexual assault and helped them to move forward. She is selfless and an inspiration to me.

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