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Hershel W. "Woody" Williams

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May 27th, 2015


The Hershel W. Williams Gold Star Family Medal of Honor Foundation


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“True American Hero still serving today”

Woody Williams is the last of the 27 Medal of Honor Recipients living from the battle for Iwo Jima. After WW-II, he continued serving his fellow Veterans working for the VA for 35 years. Woody has given many speeches about the sacrifice Gold Star Mothers have made. At one event, a man stayed after the speech and Woody found him crying. Asking what was wrong, the man said, "Fathers greave too." Woody was deeply moved and decided to form a foundation dedicated to building Monuments to Gold Star Families. Woody's bucket list is to have a Gold Star Family Monument in every state before he dies. Considering he is 91 years old, this is a monumental task. I proudly serve on his board of directors and help raise awareness and money too build these awesome Monuments.

Please visit http://www.hwwmohfoundation.org and see for your self what we are doing.