Lead A Rare Life

Jake Clark is our 2018 Rare Life Award Grand Prize Winner and the recipient of a $50,000 donation to Save a Warrior! Congratulations to all of our award winners!

Rare Life Honor

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Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey has won its share of honors and awards. Now we're honoring those who share our passion for excellence with the Rare Life Award and $50,000 Grand Prize.

Some nominees are heroic. Some are inspirational. Some just make an impact in their corner of the world. But all have one thing in common—they lead rare lives. So, read their stories, vote on the ones that inspire you, and share them with friends.

Each story is submitted into one of six categories: Courage, Leadership, Survival, Devotion, Character and Heroism. The top five finalists to receive the most votes in each category will be considered for a category prize of $5,000. Our award-winning panel of judges will then evaluate the top 10 nominees across all categories to determine the winner of the Eagle Rare Life Award and the $50,000 Grand Prize, which will be donated to the charity or cause of the winner’s choice.



Holly Morrell

For those who have heart.

Jan Howard

Leading by example.

Paul Sebring

A big heart for Haiti

Donna Norris

The devotion of character.

Thomas Bassano

Running for those who can't.

Kurt Clodfelter

Unfaltering character.

MGYSGT Charles Padilla

An inspiring dedication to help…

John Ulsh

Surviving the unthinkable.