Tonya M Evans

American Fallen Warrior Memorial Foundation

building a living memorial to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice

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Tonya M Evans is a single mother of 3 children and the CEO and Founder of American Fallen Warrior Memorial Foundation.  Being a single mother of children, ages 15, 10 and 6 is no small feat, but add to that the fact that she works 12 -18 hours a day (and puts in a lot of weekend hours also)at making her dream a reality.  Her dream... a memorial honoring,  preserving, and protecting the legacies of all Fallen Warriors who have given their lives in the Gulf War, Operations Desert Storm, Operation Desert Shield, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom and all peripheral operations in the war on Terror.  AFWMF was started in March of 2011 with a mission to build a memorial.  Not just any memorial - a 20 acre $30 million dollar memorial!  This impressive memorial, which will display photo plaques of every serviceman or woman who has given his or her life in the service of defending and protecting our country, including PTSD/Suicides, and serve as a living memorial to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, will be built in Kansas City, Kansas at the I-70-635 interchange and will be visible from miles around.  The aforementioned photo plaques will contain QR codes that will be assigned to each Fallen Warrior. These smart phone scannable codes will direct visitors to a website that will detail the warrior’s story in pictures, video and text bringing a personal connection to all who visit the wall with each Fallen Warrior displayed.  The large flag archway stands 130’ feet tall and is adorned with the seals of each branch of the military symbolizes the Twin Towers and our loss and a tribute to those whose lives that were taken on 9/11.  The center of the memorial contains all 55 flags representing each state and the territories of the US. These stand in the middle of a pentagon, which is the shape of the Department of Defense. The memorial will be solar and wind powered and meets LEED specifications providing an eco friendly environment.  The Fallen Warrior Memorial is envisioned to be “the largest of its kind in this country…a true national landmark".  Tonya is not simply making the world a better place, the causes to which she has committed herself are making history. However, Tonya is grounded and grateful enough to give credit to those indispensable to her success, not the least of whom is God. All who have worked with her know that she is the ideal person to have in your corner, especially when the task at hand calls for going above and beyond. Those who know her best know that Tonya Evans not only follows her heart, she puts her heart into everything she does. She is a true patriot, and a devoted mother, and deserves this award more than anyone.  Winning this would put her that much closer to making her dreams a reality.  Her dream of honoring this nations true heroes!  Please help make this dream a reality.  Thank you!

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